Once you are selected to join the Flat6Labs Accelerator or Seed Program, your receive cash-funding respective to the Flat6Labs Accelerator or Seed Program you have joined, strategic mentorship, office-space, entrepreneurship-focused business training, subject matter one to one sessions and a multitude of perks and services from partners. A couple of pointers you should keep in mind:

-You must be fully dedicated to the duration of the 4-month program.

-You must be based in the same city as the Flat6Labs Accelerator you are joining during the 4 month program period.

Flat6Labs Programs


image place Egypt
Flat6Labs Cairo Seed Program
Starts:01 Aug 2021 | Ends:01 Dec 2021

Flat6Labs Cairo Seed Program is the leading Seed Program in Egypt that provides a launchpad to help entrepreneurs develop viable companies in a short period of time.

Apply to Our Fall 2021 Cycle Apply before 13 Jun 2021
image place Tunisia
Flat6Labs Tunis Seed Program
Starts:01 Jul 2021 | Ends:01 Sep 2021

Flat6Labs Tunis is a seed and start-up program for startups seeking to promote the growth of Tunisian startups and provide a source of supply to the industry of Venture Capital in Tunisia.

Apply to Our 8th Cycle Apply before 15 May 2021
image place UAE
Flat6Labs Ignite
Starts:01 Jul 2021 | Ends:01 Nov 2021

Flat6Labs has partnered with ADQ, one of MENA's largest holding companies, for the launch of a seed and early stage funding opportunity for startups; the ‘Flat6Labs Ignite’ Program.