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Mother and Child guide is a website that offers a unique guide that gathers all useful and targeted information for mothers and children. The Mother and Child Guide magazine is already one of the most favored pregnancy and parenting magazine in Saudi Arabia. By introducing the new platform, it will allow for a completely new experience in how the users will interact with articles in regards to articles, videos, and social media that is personalized and tailored for the user and their reader preference.

Our value proposition is the credibility of our content: we will provide useful updated information and articles from local professional doctors, advertise about the latest events, and have an interactive website to answer any questions that our customers might have. Our target market are mothers, mother’s-to-be, working mothers, housewives, single mothers and fathers.

The advantage we have over our competition is that we’re committed to having local (Saudi) writers, doctors and therapists generate content, providing relevant, up-to-date information that our audience is constantly in search of – bringing it all together onto one single platform in the Arabic language.

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