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Once you are selected to join the Flat6Labs Ignite Program, you receive cash-funding ($100k- 150k), strategic mentorship, office-space, entrepreneurship-focused business training, subject matter one to one sessions and a multitude of perks and services from our partners. Select startups are eligible for follow-on funding ($200k-500k).

Some pointers you should keep in mind:

  • Your startup must be registered as a private company.
  • You must have at least an existing MVP of the solution with promising results from initial and existing pilots, preferable if revenue generating.
  • One or more founders must be available in Abu Dhabi for at least the duration of the program (Unless the program is run virtually).
  • You must be committed to establish a long term presence in Abu Dhabi.
  • You must demonstrate a clear need for investments and use of funds.
  • Investment in IP residing entities, not a branch/subsidiary.
  • Agreement on investment terms
  • Founders need to be fluent in English.

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Flat6Labs Ignite


$100K - $150K Seed Funding

$200K - $500K Follow-on Funding

World-class Mentors

Innovation-Based Learning

Regional Business Support

Corporate Access & Business Development

Access to ADQ portfolio of companies

Regulatory & Logistical Setup and Support

Legal advice on UAE markets

Demo Day and Fundraising support

Startup Perks and Discounts

Flat6Labs Ignite

Program Process

  • Interviews
  • Selection Bootcamp
  • Selection Committee
  • Cycle Program
  • Demo Day
  • Support and Monitoring


After going through all the applications and evaluating each company based on our standardized criteria for acceptance, we set one-on-one interviews with the accepted applicants to take a closer look at their technology solution, progress to date, team, and potential to scale; which helps us decide whether or not we think they’d be a good fit for the program.


Selection Bootcamp

The selection bootcamp will gather 15-20 teams filtered from the initial interview phase, and will see the teams engage with different stakeholders. The teams will receive the bootcamp training curriculum that consists of world-class mentorship and coaching. The bootcamp could be viewed as a condensed version of our seed program.


Selection Committee

Based on the startups’ performance during the Bootcamp, the best teams get to present in front of our panel of esteemed guests, industry experts, mentors, and entrepreneurs who make up our seed program selection committee. The selection committee then decides which teams should be finally admitted into the seed program.


Cycle Program

After you get accepted into our 4-month program the cycle is kicked off and you start your journey with Flat6Labs where we offer a range of content in the form of training and coaching sessions, mentor matching, networking events, pitch workshops, and weekly one-on-one meetings with our team. All these are tailored to fit the needs of each startup depending on where they are in their growth journey, and the biggest challenges and obstacles they are facing.


Demo Day

The Demo Day is a celebration of what the startup teams have achieved during the seed program cycle - it’s where they get the opportunity to pitch in front of a large and engaged audience filled with international and regional investors from the Flat6Labs network who are ready to fund the next big thing. In addition to that, the sheer amount of marketing Demo Day provides for a company is unparalleled which can act as a launching pad for our startups.


Support and Monitoring

Graduating from the seed program cycle does not mean the end of your relationship with Flat6Labs. After Demo Day, our team continues to follow-up with you on a regular basis to provide you with all the support and resources you need to scale and secure follow-on funding. We also connect you to regional opportunities through the Flat6Labs network of offices and partners.

Flat6Labs Ignite


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Flat6Labs Ignite
Program Starts: 07 Nov 2021 Program Ends: 13 Feb 2022

Flat6Labs has partnered with ADQ, one of MENA's largest holding companies, for the launch of a seed and early stage funding opportunity for startups; the ‘Flat6Labs Ignite’ Program.

Apply to our Fall 2021 Cycle Deadline 16 Oct 2021
Flat6Labs Ignite


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